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Immigration Medical Exam

How Get Started

To prepare for your immigration exam, you need to start with your Covid-19 vaccination as it is currently required. You have to be fully vaccinated by the time your physical exam paperwork is finalized.

At the time of the appointment, you need to bring you passport, your Covid vaccination card along with the Immigration Exam fee. Health insurances do not cover immigration exams.

During the appointment, our doctor exams you and administer you a TDAP vaccine if necessary. Then, you need to have your urine and blood tests done either in our office or a lab, approved by your health insurance.

After blood and urine test results are in, our doctor determines if you need any additional tests or vaccinations, if any.

Important: if the applicant cannot fluently communicate in English, the applicant will need an interpreter. The same interpreter will need to come to pick up the paperwork when it is completed as both applicant's and interpreter's signatures are required.

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